Erika Girardi, a.k.a. Erika Jayne, is set to once again appear as Farrah Dubose on The Young and The Restless on April 24. After her elimination from Dancing with the Stars this week, it's likely Girardi is excited to once again be in the spotlight.

In her first episode on Y&R, Girardi played a high-powered real estate agent. She crossed paths with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills costar Eileen Davidson, who spilled coffee all over her pristine white blazer. Following a verbal altercation, the two both exclaimed, "What a bitch!"


When asked by Access Hollywood whether the upcoming Y&R episode would include any sexy scenes for her character, Girardi responded with a smile. "No! She just got here! No! What are you trying to do, write me in?"

Girardi shared the interview on her Facebook page. Will you tune in next week to see what awaits Ms. Dubose next?

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