Like many Americans these days, Erin McCarley feels like we're living in an alternate universe. On her latest banger, she surrenders to the surreal—but not without one hell of a fight.

The Nashville based singer-songwriter taps into her dark, political side on "Dignity," a lurching, percussive call-to-arms for a better, more dignified world... and a clever parallel to Stranger Things.

"Future family you feel we're fighting your freedom / We don't wanna bend back time now, they yelling from the roof / Bananas slipping on the truth and driving nails into my mind somehow," Erin sings, weaving a twisted melody. "Are we living inside the upside down, baby? / Are we living inside the upside down? Maybe."

Featuring vicious fuzzy synths that swarm the artist's vocals like a Demogorgon on the loose, "Dignity," premiering exclusively on PopCrush, is sinister synth-pop at its most sharp-edged and socially-charged.

"In this song, I’m asking and urging for ‘Dignity’ to be the absolute choice. We are living in what feels like an alternate universe (hence the nod to Stranger Things), and there is a legitimate fear of losing a lot of the progress we have been making towards human rights and nation relations," Erin shares, passionately.

"Every day we are becoming more aware as a collective, and there has never been a better time than now to stand up for what is right in order to take care of the people around us, as a nation and as a planet," she continues.

"I want nothing more than to spread love among my fans and my family, but there are times that I have to speak about things that are ugly and uncomfortable because they are important. And that is my form of connection and love this time around."

Listen below:

Erin McCarley's new album, Yu Yi, is due out September 8.

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