Amy Lee and her band Evanescence make heartbreak look beautiful in the ‘My Heart Is Broken’ video.

It’s not easy to do, but Lee and co. do it well. The curvy singer cuts a gorgeous vintage figure in a lacy, white, Victorian-era corset. With her shiny raven hair, beguiling ice blue eyes and fingerless black leather gloves, she is a Gothic, yet earthy goddess coming to life; she sings about her broken heart while laying on the ground in the middle of a golden wheat field and smashing away at piano keys.

Lee is portraying heartbreak through her voice, her expressive face and emotive actions throughout the whole of ‘My Heart Is Broken.’

She also goes through a few costume changes in the video, as she plays piano in another ornate and corseted gown with a mint green fur shrug. Lee also rocks these uh-mazing golden nails that make us want to head to the nail salon to copy her look on the quick. Lady Gaga would be proud of her costume choices in the clip.

She also has some sort of a magic touch with her light sabre-style finger, which emits a ray of light as she points. Just watch and see.

Watch the Evanescence ‘My Heart Is Broken’ Video

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