There's something going around that I wanted to bring up. It's not confirmed or denied but there seems to be a way to see who is watching you and you may not be able to block them, either.

Here's how you find out.

Sign into Facebook
Go to your Privacy Settings
Go down to where you would block someone
Where you would type in their email, type in Facebook Security and hit Enter (or Block)

From there, you'll see a list of people you probably don't even know. They may or may not have friends in common. The scary part comes from when you try to block them, some of them are unblockable. Weird!

Even if you are able to block a few, when you go back in to do this again, you might see more names pop up.

So, I'm not sure what's happening or why these names are being pulled up, but we'll try to find out soon.

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