Are you one of the lucky ones who has never had a family fight break out during the Christmas holiday?

If so, count your blessings because according to a survey done in 2013 by, family fisticuffs are likely to happen at precisely 3:18pm on Christmas Day.

My family did not celebrate Christmas when I was growing up, so I have been spared personal family drama, but I do remember that one time I was invited to my co-worker friend's family Christmas get-together (this happened back in 2004).

The evening started off with pleasantries and warm smiles and exchanging of presents, but as the liquor began to flow freely, all the gloves came off with those family members! My friend apparently had a strained relationship with her older sister, and at some point during the evening, they began to argue. The argument turned nasty and I was scared someone was going to get seriously injured. I quickly ran upstairs and hung out with all the children, huddling in a corner. I remember how I started freaking out even considered how I could sneak out of their home and hitch a ride back to my house!

I wish I could remember what time their fight started. It was probably around 3:18pm!

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