Fanny Andersen daydreams about simpler times on "Kids," the Norwegian pop artist's blissful (and admittedly relatable) debut single.

The Oslo-based singer-songwriter and former musical theater kid celebrates the nostalgia and wonder of youth—back when things were young, wild and free—singing wistfully, "I wish I was a kid running through the streets / I wish I was a kid playing hide and seek / We didn't know s--- back then / I wish I was a kid again, when things were fun..."

Swirling synths and a wobbling, dizzying bass breakdown make for an instantly infectious, radio-primed Scandi-pop anthem, but juxtaposed against the bright dance beats lingers darker subject matter about grappling with the anxiety and uncertainty that comes built-in with growing up.

"I had never felt more alive / Self-doubt and hatred, that s--- came later," Fanny laments on the song's contradictory sugary hook.

And the video for the track, premiering exclusively on PopCrush, is just as complex as the song itself: Clips of the singer navigating the complications and daily grind of her life, from romance to feeling detached from society, is interspersed with footage of Fanny as a young, innocent child, as well as visuals of the artist submerged in a dark, watery cavern—perhaps to signify the innate human comfort of the womb or, in contrast, the soul-crushing drowning sensation that comes with the responsibilities of adulthood. Or maybe both.

"The video is everything I had in my head while writing 'Kids,'" Fanny tells us of the visual. "The confusion of growing up... I feel like the video reflects how that felt for me perfectly. I'm super happy with it!"

After all, it's joyful noise, even if it's bittersweet. Watch the video, below:

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