I know they haven't even left town, yet, but the inevitable is upon us. We're losing our Toys R Us which has been a staple store in our area for about 20 years. Those they're not gone, yet, it's a wonderful area. Here are five businesses I'd love to see go in that place in Toys R Us absence.

  • Kay-Bee Toys and Hobby

    This is another toy store that closed down in the early 90s, but there are rumors of it starting back up. Replace one toy store with another. Sure!

  • FYE

    FYE is a pop culture store that specializes in cds, dvds and more. They have such cool, unique stuff from exclusive cereal from popular TV shows, pop culture clothing and more. Fun stuff!

  • Chuck E. Cheese

    That location would be a prime place to put a Chuck E. Cheese. Pizza and video games, you can't go wrong.

  • A Second location for Kid's Castle

    Gymnastic's Plus would be fine, too, but my favorite part of that facility is the Kid's Castle area where kids can just run and roam free in the ball pits, wall climb and more.

  • Trader Joe's

    It's the request that won't stop requesting. Although Trader Joe's said there aren't any plans on a Yakima location anytime soon, it doesn't mean we can't stop wishing.

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