Yakima is home to many businesses and we always welcome new stores to our humble town. We have some of the best dining, great shopping, and easily the best agriculture in the area. However, with more and more businesses announced, there are a few we don't have and, to be honest, don't need. Here are a few businesses we could do without.

  • Any Casual Dining

    Chili's, TGI Fridays and the list goes on and on. We already have plenty, no need for new ones.

    Unless they want to open one up in East Valley or West Valley, I'll take that back. We have plenty in Union Gap and in Yakima, but not on the outskirts of town.

  • Crate & Barrel

    These places sure look fancy on the outside and I'm sure they're great, but since they do home decor and furniture, we already have several of those places right here in town.

  • Sam's Club

    Nothing against Sam's Club, but we already have a Costco.

  • Barnes & Noble

    As much as I would think I'd want a Barnes & Noble, I don't because I might go broke. I've lived in towns with Barnes & Noble stores in the past and it hurts the wallet to go through there.

  • Tully’s Coffee

    No more coffee. We have plenty of coffee. Both local and national chains, we're good on coffee, thanks.

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