Today (Aug. 6) is recognized as National IPA Day. IPA stands for Imperial Pale Ale -- a type of beer made with lots of hops.

Since the Yakima Valley supplies 75 percent of the hops for the entire United States, you can imaging that our area also has the best IPAs.

Here are five IPAs to look out for on a day like today.

  • Top Cutter IPA

    Bale Breaker Brewing Co.

    Bale Breaker resides in the hop field where they harvest their hops. Although their Pale Ale could be considered an IPA to most other companies, their Top Cutter reigns as their staple.

    Bale Breaker
    Photo: Michele Riggs
  • Vern

    Yakima Craft Brewing Co.

    Even though Yakima Craft does have an IPA simply titled I.P.A., their Vern is a take on a Pacific Northwest IPA giving it a lighter body, but with all the flavor.

  • Ruud Awakening

    Old School House Brewing

    Old School House Brewing, located in Winthrop, might be one you haven't heard of yet, but one taste and you won't be surprised why this beer keeps winning award after award in several Washington beer festivals. If you can find it, grab it!

  • West Valley IPA

    Berchman's Brewing Company

    Although Berchman's Brewing Co. is new to the Yakima Valley, their beer certainly has a place for it. In fact, their beer is named after places in the valley, including their IPA. Though they don't have a full brewery set up with a tap room and all that, they do bottle and distribute locally.

  • IPA

    Snipes Mountain Brewery

    Because great things don't need a fancy name. Snipes, located in Sunnyside, is one of the best breweries in the state, not just in the valley. Their IPA is fantastic.

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