There is a 'Change is Good' contest where kids submit their ideas to change the community in a positive way. Previous winners have included getting new playground equipment for local schools, new sports uniforms for schools, teddy bears to give to all new patients at Children's Village and a lot more. If you want to participate but need some help with ideas, here are five ideas your kids can use to kick-off their brainstorming session and get something submitted.

All you really need to do is think about what you'd like to have in your town and go with that.

You'll also notice there are no single winners. There are several winners every year so if you think something on a budget, it may have a greater chance of getting done.

  • Dog Park

    A dog park is a dog-friendly place where you can walk your dogs on a path or they even have designated places where you can let your dogs run free.

  • Splash Park

    This is something we do have, but we could always use another one. Maybe if you submitted that you would like a splash park closer to where you live it might get noticed.

  • Classroom Equipment

    This is something that both the students and teachers can benefit from. St. Joseph Marquette has 'smartboards' that is basically like having a giant tablet on the wall. It'd be cool to see those in more classrooms.

  • Playground Equipment

    A popular trend is new playground equipment from structures to play on to new items like footballs, basketballs, etc. If you're school could use it, request it!

  • Graffiti Clean-Up

    Another quick and simple idea, but can make a huge impact, is by getting enough supplies to help clean the graffiti and tagging off walls and structures.

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