I was sad to learn Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar is closing its doors for good. The crab mac 'n cheese was one of my favorite dishes in Yakima. Although they're closing in Yakima, there's no word on if other stores are closing as well or if they're planning on moving to a new location. If they were to move, here are a few spots in Yakima I'd love to see them relocate to.

  • Albertson's on 40th and Tieton

    Lots of room!

  • Rainier Square

    Perfect location on Nob Hill, especially with the new hotel opening up.

  • Orchards on 72 and Tieton

    There aren't a lot of dining options in West Valley. Would be nice to see it pop up around there.

  • Chalet Place

    Another area where there isn't a dining place in the area. A couple of grocery stores, a gym, a gas station, sure, but no place for a quick drink with friends.

  • 16 and Nob Hill

    Now I'm not saying YVC students should be day drinking, but a great lunch option nearby the college wouldn't be bad.

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