I love to travel. I fly several times a year to various events and conventions for my video game hobby. Sure, I could drive to Seattle to save a few bucks on my flight, but am I really saving? Here are all the reasons I can think of why I prefer to fly out of Yakima's airport than drive to Seattle and fly out of SeaTac.

Super Quick to get through to the gate
I have to experience this when I fly back from checking into a bigger airport. Those long lines of people waiting for people to get scanned in, confusing signs telling you where you need to go, getting dropped off at the wrong door and all that. No thanks. Yakima's airport is super quick to get checked in, get scanned through and you're already at the gate waiting to board in a matter of moments.

No 2.5 Hour Drive
Not even necessarily the drive there, it's the fact that, after flying and landing in Seattle, I'd immediately have to drive back. That doesn't sound fun at all.

Cheap Parking
Yakima: $10 a day
SeaTac: $40 a day
Or even cheaper if you can have someone drop you off, naturally.

Alaska Air
Alaska Air is regularly rated one of the best airlines in the world. It's true Yakima only flies to Seattle and back a couple of times a day so you'll always have to connect in Seattle but there are several options from Seattle with Alaska Air so it's often never a problem for me.

Staff is Child-Friendly
Any time I've had to travel with my kids, the staff at the Yakima airport have always been so cool and nice to my kids to ease them on flying, making it sound like an exciting adventure. Which it is. I appreciate that.

So the next time you need to travel and you figure you'll just fly out of Seattle, consider these. I mean, the price of gas + airport parking comes to more than the price it would cost to just connect in Seattle when flying out of Yakima so it's always a no brainer for me.

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