I've got a lot of love for West Valley. I have friends out there, my mother-in-law lives out there and I'm out there more often than not. Here are a few reasons you want to live out there and, if you don't, why you want to move there.

  • Away from Downtown Traffic

    Unless you had to be downtown for some reason, the traffic is generally pretty light most of the time.

  • Far More Scenic

    I love the area out there, the rolling hills and what-not. Looks neat! A lot of great photo opportunities.

  • Great Houses

    When I was looking for houses, I noticed that many of the houses are less expensive than you'd think. In fact, some were less money than similar styles in Yakima.

  • Great School District

    The West Valley school district is one of the best school districts in the area.

  • Great For Personal Farms

    If you've ever wanted to raise your own chickens for eggs or have pigs or something, this is a great place to do it. I know a few people out here that do exactly this.

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