Valentine's Day is a great day to remind you you're all alone but it doesn't mean you need to be lonely. Here are some fun things you can do on Valentine's Day here in Yakima if you single.

  • Meadowbrook Family Fun Center

    Video games don't discriminate. You can play all you like by yourself, keep the tickets for yourself and cash them in on trinkets for yourself.

  • Go on a 'friend' date

    Instead of trying to impress someone romantically which can be hard work, just go out with your friends and half a blast.

  • At-Home Spa

    While everyone else is out and about, stay home and give yourself a spa. Use that foot spa thing you got for Christmas you never use, get one of those face masks and just hang out listening to your favorite music.

  • Take Your Mom Out

    She'll love it. She's your forever Valentine.

  • Attend the Sweethearts Comedy Soiree

    This is an annual comedy show and, though it is on Valentine's Day, singles are allowed in all the same. Never mind the couples also being there, grab some friends and check it out at The Seasons Performance Hall.

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