We got some great places that opened in 2017 in Yakima. What else would you like to see come to town next year? Here are a few of my picks.

  • Churches

    We just got Popeye's, now let's get Churches chicken!

  • Burgerville

    We just got Five Guys and have some great burger places in town, but I'm a fan of Burgerville, too. Let's make that happen!

  • Zip's Drive-Thru

    I loved having a Zip's Tri-Cities when I lived there. They have a couple of locations in Spokane. Certainly a Zip's would do well in Yakima. Bring on the bucket of cheddar tots!

  • Dave & Busters

    I've only been to Dave & Busters once in my life and fell in love with it. It's like a grown-up Chuck E. Cheese, but the food is really, really good!

  • Kizuki Ramen

    Really, any ramen restaurant would be nice but this is one of my favorites in Seattle. Please make this happen.

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