I'm pretty sure I'm done with the snow for the rest of my life. This has been more brutal of a winter than we've had for the past several years. Now that the sun is shining a little more and the snow is melting a bit, here are some things I'm looking forward to doing.

  • The Park. Any Park.

    The park is always a great way for the kids to burn off some energy. We've been cooped up all winter so I'm looking forward to getting my kids outside and play at any local playground. It's been too cold and there's been too much ice and snow on the equipment to play on it safely.

  • The Patio at MOD Pizza

    One thing my wife and I enjoy doing is to enjoy the pizza at MOD Pizza sitting out in the sun on their patio area. Too cold to do it now, but soon we'll be doing this again.

  • A quick drive to Moxee, Selah or the Lower Valley Safely

    Sometimes, just for a chance to scenery we might take a quick trip to a nearby town to basically hang out. With the roads and their icy conditions, we haven't bothered. Looking forward to getting out soon.

  • Walk to Work

    I'm fortunate that I live pretty close to where I work. I don't mind walking to work sometimes, but in this weather I wouldn't dare. I'm looking forward to walking to work again.

  • Yard Sales

    I don't buy as much as I used to, but I love attending yard sales. No plan of attack or anything, I just like driving around town and hitting up whatever yard sales I happen to find.

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