I was born and raised in Yakima and have seen many trends come and go. Some, unfortunately, stuck around longer than I would've liked. Here are some trends in Yakima I would like to see end in 2018.

  • Running red lights

    Not just a yellow light, it was yellow 5 seconds ago.
  • Not putting away your shopping carts

    Easy solution, park near one of those parking stall returns.
  • Walking in the street when there's a sidewalk

    Unless you want to get hit by a car.
  • Man buns

    I, honestly, thought that we wouldn't see them in 2017. I was wrong.
  • Complaining without doing anything about it

    It's one thing to gripe on Facebook about what the city council is doing with your tax dollars. Show up to the meetings, speak your mind, they love that. Complaining about it on Facebook or to the newspaper doesn't get the job done.

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