Flavor Flav had to endure a bad travel day last week. The veteran rapper went off on a Spirit Airlines agent after he missed his flight.

On Sunday (Nov. 13), TMZ posted a video of Flavor Flav going ballistic at a Spirit Airlines agent inside Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas last Friday (Nov. 11). According to the media outlet, Flav was sitting near the gate waiting to catch his flight to Detroit when he lost track of time and was late for boarding.

An insider told TMZ that the Public Enemy member was preoccupied with his laptop when he noticed the gate agent shutting the jetway door. When Flav tried to board, the agent wouldn't reopen the door for him and he missed his flight.

In the video below, a visibly upset Flav is hurling obscenities at the agent, who, surprisingly, didn't call security. Sources told the website that Flav usually waits for everyone to board afterward because people always want to take pictures with him, and he didn't want to hold up the boarding process. However, an insider also claimed that Spirit actually reopened the door to let other passengers in—before this video started—but closed the door on Flav and two other people

XXL has reached out to Spirit Airlines for comment.

On Friday, Flavor Flav jumped on his Twitter page to air out his grievances with Spirit Airlines.

"@SpiritAirlines y’all oversold your flight and refused me boarding!!! no compensation or anything,,, I feel that’s totally wrong!!! #SpiritAirlines," he tweeted.

And to his fans he added: "And before y’all come after me for flyin on Spirit,,, they the main airline outta Vegas."

Spirit Airlines did reached out to Flav writing, "We're sorry to hear about this experience. Please send us a DM with your confirmation code to look into this."

On Sunday, Flav addressed the viral video and apologized to his fans for "acting out of character" towards Spirit Airlines.

"I like to think I represent all the people who would get upset when airlines are in the wrong," he wrote. "As I said to TMZ, I apologize to those who witnessed me acting out of character,,, but I do not apologize to Spirit or the gate agent for their shady tactics when they oversell flights."

Thankfully, Flavor Flav didn't get arrested and tagged a public enemy to the friendly skies.

Watch Flavor Flavor Go Off at a Spirit Airlines Agent After He Missed His Flight Below

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