Few hip-hoppers are as hard-working and as prolific as Flo Rida. He never stops and remains in ya face. The rapper just dropped the fourth single from his upcoming album ‘Wild Ones’ (which lands July 3) in the form of ‘Let It Roll.’ You can’t stop Flo’s flow. Don’t even try it.

The tune feels like a summer anthem, with Flo repeating “Come on baby / Let the good times roll” over a synthy beat that’s looped. Give it three listens and you’ll be addicted to this jam like its caffeine. Clearly, the hits just keep coming when it pertains to Flo.

Flo is adept at mixing genres and generations, and ‘Let It Roll’ is evidence of his skillz. The song kicks off with a piano melody and he samples the oft-covered rock ‘n’ roll/R&B standard ‘(Come On) Let the Good Times Roll.’ He’s able to give a classic song a current makeover and a boost from his rapid-fire verses. It’s a similar formula to what Jay-Z and Kanye West Did with ‘Otis.’

Flo turns up the percussive element and delivers his rhymes, modernizing the song he so effectively samples. There’s lots of thumping, and the rhythm just won’t quit.

While much of the rapper’s extensive catalog boasts club bangers, this song feels more like a fitting soundtrack for a backyard BBQ. That doesn’t mean it won’t be blared from the speakers at late night establishments. It’s just that the song has an extended life outside of said clubs. It’s easily the most summery of the singles that ‘Wild Ones’ has produced.


Listen to Flo Rida, ‘Let It Roll’

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