I love places where you order one thing and they give you enough to feed a small army. When I ordered the fried rice he asked if I wanted it with pineapple. I never heard of that but I accepted because why not. It turns out there's a very special reason.

This is the special fried rice from Famous Burger and Teriyaki on 5th and MLK in Yakima. It's one of my favorite places that I don't go to often enough. I love everything I've ever had but the fried rice is something very special.

When you order it, they'll ask if you want mushroom and pineapple. I like both of those so I accepted. I think it costed extra, I don't know and didn't mind.

When I picked up my order, the owner and main guy behind the restaurant told me his mom used to add pineapple to rice. He said he told himself that if he ever ran a restaurant he'd add pineapple, too. He went on to say that every time he eats that fried rice with pineapple, is takes him back to being 7 years old, eating the rice his mom used to make.

I think that's wonderful. I love stories like this.

I'll never not order this rice every time I go there.

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