G-Dragon sheds the big production and hard-hitting R&B bangers of his group BIGBANG for something more intimate on "Untitled, 2014," off his new solo mini-album Kwon Ji Yong. Self-written and composed by G-Dragon and Choice37, the song shows a more personal, stripped-back side to the South Korean rapper.

G-Dragon's delicate yet powerful vocals shimmer on the sparse, sweeping piano ballad, which showcases the BIGBANG star's textural voice like never before.

Visually, the heavenly clip is an exercise in the beauty and power of subtlety. There's no complex choreography, neon lights, fierce fashion or pyrotechnics — instead, the angelic artist, wearing a billowing red lace blouse, stands in front of a backdrop of dreamy, colorful clouds, wandering as he sings straight from the heart, pleading for his lover to return to him.

Watch the emotionally-charged clip, below:

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