Best of New Musi Friday

It's Friday once more, PopCrush readers, which means we're (web) surfing a big ol' wave of brand new tunes! If you feel like you're drowning in a sea of songs, desperate to know which tracks and videos deserve your attention, consider this your life preserver: Below, discover the best five songs #NewMusicFriday has to offer.

"Want You Back," HAIM
Sisters HAIM dazzle on "Want You Back," a glimmering, anthemic alt-pop ballad about taking a lover for granted. The trio—whose sophomore album, Something To Tell You, drops July 7—harmonize in folksy, post-Fleetwood Mac hues above a kaleidoscope of sweet acoustic guitar riffs, joyful claps, swirly synths and a shimmering melody reminiscent of late '90s pop rock, drawing to mind Donna Lewis and Richard Marx's glistening "At the Beginning."

"Caramel," Terror Jr
Mysterious R&B act Terror Jr return with another heaping dose of addicting pop candy courtesy of "Caramel," a vicious slice of slow-oozing electro-pop. Over a sinister beat and glossy electronics, Terror Jr's cryptic singer coos, "Holy Spirit, I can feel it in my cervix / But they wanna shut me down like my pussy's f---ing worthless / Okay, b---h?" It's sticky, sweet and sure to get stuck in your teeth.

"Sideline," Niia ft. Jazmine Sullivan
The boy is theirs on "Sideline," Niia's chic, soulful new video featuring Jazmine Sullivan. Filmed in black in white, the feminist micro-noir explores the complicated dilemma of two women who are being simultaneously two-timed by their lover—one of them is the "other woman," though it's unclear who. Niia's honey vocals and Jazmine's powerful voice collide atop the smooth, jazzy production, creating delicious sonic (and thematic) drama.

"Make-Believe," Nana Kitade
Japanese pop-rocker Nana Kitade switches gears on her new solo LP, VIOLET BLAZE, delivering bright, cotton candy-sweet J-pop. The sugary video for "Make-Believe" displays Nana's pastel-drenched sound perfectly, as the kawaii artist wanders a tropical Vietnam city looking like a fairy princess. The track itself, a delightfully upbeat, plush dollop of twinkly dance-pop, will leave you daydreaming and yearning for those hazy summer days.

"Hunter," Galantis
Galantis come out swinging on "Hunter," the Grammy-nominated dance duo's latest massive dance floor banger. An explosion of crisp club production, tribal beats, soaring eagle screeches and smooth, soulful vocals—plus an addicting hook reportedly recorded by an 8-year-old girl—this is great outdoors EDM at its most wild and free.

"Bout You," Verite
New York's resident synth-pop siren makes a return to mysterious form on "Bout You," off her upcoming album, Somewhere in Between. Verite's breathy, lethargic vocals float feather-light above a dark soundscape of hypnotic beats and foggy synths, setting a sensual, hazy mood. It's sexy, brooding night time pop for the restless and the loveless.

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