Gerard Butler really needs to stop messing with our hearts, because we're falling for him hard.

First he recreated '300' for his fans, then he talked about dressing up for vagina festivals and he even humored the troops. Now he's lifting weights with children and hugging them and it's possible my ovaries just passed out cold.

Seriously, we even forgive him for having whatever that was with Brandi Glanville, and that's saying a whole lot.

On Sunday, April 7, he tweeted about his "new workout regime," which included lifting two little boys on a free-weight bar, and then he lamented that they had to leave, writing, "i fell in love with these little guys. hard to leave 'em."

We don't know why the little tykes had to leave or even who they were, but surely we could start a petition to get Gerard Butler to hug a child for photographic purposes at least every other week.

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