The fourth season of ‘Glee‘ will kick off in less than a month, and now fans can watch the first promo for the premiere episode, which features guest star Kate Hudson.

Coming off a national championship and tearful graduation, the clip promotes “a brave new glee.” Gleeks get to see the remaining members of the glee club in the choir room at McKinley High, as well as a glimpse of Rachel’s life at NYADA in the Big Apple.

Hudson plays a critical teacher at the school, who says to her student:  ”I bet you were a big star back in Iowa.” Rachel corrects her by saying, “I’m actually from Ohio,” to which Hudson responds, “Ohio! Even worse.”

Meanwhile, Kurt gets to meet Sue’s new baby, and Wade is introduced as a new member of New Directions. Of course, Brittany exhibits a major faux pas when she mistakes Alex Newell for Amber Riley, aka Mercedes. “That’s a great haircut, Mercedes — I thought you graduated?” she says. Mr. Schue then shoots her a glare.

‘Glee’ has been moved to Thursday nights, and will premiere on Sep. 13 at 9PM. Get ready, Gleeks!

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