The Observer is coming back to FOX, but definitely not staying on the Fringe. Gotham has booked its latest Bat-villain for Season 4, as Michael Cerveris masks us as DC villain Professor Pyg.

Per TVLine, the former Fringe favorite will appear in a multi-episode Season 4 arc as Professor Pyg, known in the comics as the schizophrenic, mask-wearing Lazlo Valentin, leader of the Circus of Strange. Cerveris seems to be making a habit of filming TV supervillain roles in New York, as the actor was recently seen playing Ramses for Amazon’s The Tick.

Elsewhere of Gotham Season 4, dubbed “Dawn of Night,” we know Teen Wolf alum Crystal Reed will take the role of Sofia Falcone, the intelligent and calculating daughter of Don Falcone. We also know Scarecrow will return, Alexander Siddig’s Ra’s al Ghul will have a larger presence on the series going forward, as will Butch Gilzean after the reveal that his real name was actually “Cyrus Gold” (aka Solomon Grundy). And did someone say proto-Batsuit?

We’ll see more as Gotham gears up for a September 21 premiere, so watch the latest trailer below and stay tuned.

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