It was about 9:30 something in the morning when I had to run to my house and pick up something I had left and then return to work. So I pulled in front of my apartment building, and noticed when I pulled into park that there was a white van that had something written on it. I looked closer and was horrified to see that my neighbor's wife and had been tagged with graffiti.

Tagged up vehicle in Yakima

Hide your husbands, hide your kids, hide your cars, they're taking everything out here!

It's a common sight to see buildings and garages tagged with graffiti, usually from warring neighborhood gangs. I remember the time I went on a ride up with an officer on the Yakima Police Department and she was explaining some of the graffiti tags to me and my friend who happened to be a news reporter on a TV station in town at the time.

This officer was very skilled at being able to look at a tag I know exactly which game had done it and sometimes she could even tell which person in the neighborhood I tagged it. But I don't think that never in a million years would I have ever thought someone would start tagging cars instead of buildings.

In the neighborhood where I live there's always a beef between the surenos and the Nortenos gangs but I don't recognize which gang tied up my neighbor's car. Fortunately, whenever I gain tags up my neighbor's garage she is quick to get it erased with paint I know that it is quite annoying for her to deal with.

One time I came home and noticed that a gang member had tagged up the bricks on our apartment building in green paint. When is this tagging going to stop?

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