In a hilarious new video, Gucci Mane is trying out Spotify's latest idea, "Sweet Tweets." The concept is a spin on Jimmy Kimmel's popular "Mean Tweets" sketch from Jimmy Kimmel Live. But instead of angry, hateful tweets, Gucci is reading some of the nicer things fans are saying about him on the internet.

At one point, Gucci reads a tweet from an expecting mother who's baby is due the same day as the album release date for Gucci's latest album, Everybody Looking.

"Not sure which one I"m more excited for," read the tweet from the dedicated fan.

Gucci seemed impressed and even through out a suggestion for the mother-to-be to hear. "Wow...Maybe she'll name that baby 'Everybody Looking,'" he said. Ha! But above all, Gucci also made sure to send some well wishes to her. "Congratulations on having your baby, I hope that he or she grows up and be's a productive citizen, a great person," he said.

Other tweets veer off into the random territory as tweeters describe Gucci to chicken nuggets, explain the dreams they've had with him and comment on his sparkling white teeth. ("Gucci Mane's bottom row of teeth is the most visually stunning thing I've seen in 18 years of living," read the tweet in case you were wondering.)

As Gucci says, "this s--- is funny man. This s--- is funny." See Gucci gush over the "sweet tweets" in part one of the video above and part two below.