If you're a Halsey fan, you know she's got a satirical, self-deprecating sense of humor... and she's not afraid to show it on social media! Case in point: Halsey's recent tweet that dating "white dudes" is a "sickness."

On Monday (August 26), Halsey was spotted on her cell phone during Shawn Mendes' performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. It caused quite the stir online, however, Halsey clarified in a tweet that she was just checking in on her mother.

"Can everyone stop saying I was checking my phone during Shawn’s performance?" she wrote. "I was texting my mom to make sure she was ok in the audience!!!!!! (and also I was dancing!!!!)"

"Award show season is really just *so fun* for me because apparently both my managers look like my ex-boyfriend," she also shared, as some folks had assumed the man she attended the show with, her manager Anthony, was an ex-boyfriend.

"Lots of white dudes with black hair in suits happening. everyone relax," she quipped.

When one fan suggested that she should stop dating "white dudes," Halsey's reply was simple: "It's a sickness."

Naturally, Halsey's fans had a field day with the tongue-in-cheek tweet. See some of their reactions, below:

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