On Monday, Kendall Jenner fans became sleuths when she shared a love letter written by an anonymous source.

"Dear Kendall, We may be miles apart but my love for you grows stronger & stronger by the minute," the letter reads. "My innermost feeling is of pure love for you. I will love you until death separates us. Right now this separation is killing me, but in my heart I know that nothing would come close to separating us. We are united into one forever, body & soul and I want you to know that I love you from the deepest part of my heart."


Although the 23-year-old model blocked out the name of the sender, fans have been speculating who it could be. And the number one suspect? Harry Styles.

The two dated briefly in 2013 and sparked reconciliation rumors as recently as 2016, but what really has people convinced is a handwritten letter he posted to Instagram last year.

While many fans believe in the Styles theory, others have gone so far as to line up the letters side by side to prove they're not the same handwriting.

If the pop star didn't write the letter then who did? Other potential culprits could be one of the reality star's other alleged exes, including Cara Delevingne and Tyler, the Creator. Or maybe it's not an ex at all. Jenner has been romantically linked to NBA star Ben Simmons. Perhaps the separation is referring to the fact that he plays in Philadelphia and travels the country for half the year.

Regardless of who wrote the letter, we're swooning over those beautiful, heartfelt words.



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