One of the weirder news stories to emerge in January of 2020 was the case of the “haunted” Elsa doll, who kept reappearing in the Houston-based Madonia family’s home despite multiple attempts to throw it out. The doll, modeled after the ice queen from Disney’s Frozen franchise, recited phrases from the movie and sang “Let It Go” upon pressing a button on its necklace. The doll was gifted to their young daughter all the way back in 2013, and despite never having its battery changed for six years, the doll continued to speak and giggle unprompted. Even when the switch was in the "off" position, the doll would continue to speak and sing in both English and Spanish.

In December 2019, the family decided to cast off the doll in the garbage to end its sorcery once and for all. But only weeks later, the doll reappeared inside a bench in their living room. After double-bagging the toy and placing it at the bottom of the garbage can on trash day, the doll still re-materialized outside of their house. Sounds like Elsa took a page out of The Babadook’s book. After confirming that her kids weren’t pulling an elaborate prank, mother Emily Madonia had finally had enough.

To get some distance between themselves and the creepy doll, the Madonia family sent Elsa to their Minnesota friend Chris Hogan, who gladly accepted her in all her possessed glory:

The Elsa doll now lives on the front guard of Hogan’s jeep. “If anything weird happens I’m welding her into a steel pipe and sinking it in Lake of the Woods,” said Hogan. We hope the Madonia family is finally able to let it go.

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