Yakima Craiglist is a great place to find deals, look for advice and more. It broke my heart to hear that someone, not only had their car broken into -- something most can empathize -- but they got away with a lot of stuff including the ashes of her dead brother. She went to Craigslist in hopes to have them returned.

To the people who broke into my car on Nob Hill at the Yoga Studio:

You can keep my bag, my slippers, my back up makeup. You can even keep my feelings of safety you stole as you broke my window. Almost everything you stole from me can be replaced, even the $300 window you shattered. But what cant be replaced is the ashes of my recently deceased brother you stole. I cant get those back.

Keep all the other stuff, you apparently need my slippers and used mascara more than I do. Just please return the ashes of my brother. Leave them on the car, leave them inside, just please if there's any decency in you what so ever you'd do this.

Your heart broken victim

If you know of anything, please, let's return her brother to her. You can contact her via Craigslist.

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