The answer: Flannel shirts. Woolen mittens. Parkas. Ear Muffs Long johns.

The question: Name 5 things that you won't want during the heatwave in Yakima.

Excessive Heat Warning for Yakima and Central Washington

The national weather service has issued an excessive heat warning for Yakima, Washington, and its vicinity. The warning is in effect until Friday, July 29th at 11 pm. Temperatures during the week will exceed triple digits, perhaps setting records. There are health concerns for citizens during such heat spells, especially senior citizens and those with underlying illnesses.

How Hot Will it get in Yakima This Week?

High temperatures will exceed 100 degrees through Saturday, with potential highs of 110 degrees on Friday.


Heat Exhaustion or Heat Stroke: Are Symptoms Different?

Yes, they can be and often are. According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of heat exhaustion often include cool, moist skin, heavy sweating, feeling faint, dizzy, disoriented, nausea, rapid pulse, headache, and lightheadedness when standing up.

Heat stroke is more severe and requires emergency assistance. Mayo Clinic says symptoms include high body temperature, altered mental state, lack of sweating, rapid breathing, headache, nausea, and vomiting.

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