It's so easy to take things that are constants in your life for granted, but if you lose your beloved teddy bear, you'll really regret it. At least, that's the message South Korean rapper-singer HEIZE shares in her violently adorable, subversive video for "Don't Know You," released June 26.

Despite the clip's quirky, darkly comedic premise, "Don't Know You," off HEIZE's new mini-album, /// (You, Clouds, Rain), touts a much sadder and relatable message than its video lets on: Over a groovy electro-pop beat and sparkling melody, the artist coos, "In the time I picked out my clothes / I should’ve held you 30 more minutes / I didn’t know how big your heart was... / I forgot how to make you smile," reflecting her internal pain and regret over losing someone so dear to her after realizing her bad behavior too late. (If you haven't figured it out yet, the teddy bear beat-down is an exaggerated metaphor for HEIZE being cruel and dismissive to her lover.)

So, exactly how does one lose their teddy bear? Simple! There are fourteen nifty steps you can take to kick poor ol' Teddy to the curb: 1. Hit it. 2. Hug... and hit it again. 3. Hit it... with tools! 4. Play rude... and the list goes on.

Other ways to terrorize your teddy bear include setting it on fire, shooting it, humiliating it, locking it up and pushing it off of tall structures. You can also chase it around with fireworks while wearing a wedding dress — the possibilities are endless!

Eventually, Teddy will leave you... and from his soft, fluffy form will emerge SHINee's Onew. (Now you'll really, really regret it.)

HEIZE pours deeper into her feelings of romantic melancholia in the video for the emotive title track, "You, Clouds, Rain," released as a double A-side the same day as "Don't Know You" and the EP.

Featuring 4Men's Shin Yong Jae, the sleepy, mid-tempo R&B ballad finds HEIZE reminiscing about her ex on a dreary, rainy day.

"Today is the day that I think about you for a long time / I deliberately look for a song with you and me / It's okay to be sad or depressed today / If this night goes by anyway / I'll live with you for another time / I'll live in my heart," she croons perched by a wide window, her crystalline tone brimming with heartache.

"Rain is coming / I thought of you... / Hiding in an umbrella / Past your house," HEIZE continues wistfully, tears streaming down her face at one point.

Emotions are high on the rest of the record: On the jazzy "Dark Clouds," HEIZE teams up with Korean-American hip hop artist Nafla to lament about hiding her true feelings like a mysterious, overcast sky, while she dreams about being near her lover once more on the twinkling piano ballad, "Star (Rain Version)," a more delicate re-imagining of her 2016 R&B jam, "Star."

While the aptly-titled mini-album is awash in bittersweet hues, /// (You, Clouds, Rain) offers a refreshingly earnest, shadowy reprieve from the big, sunny bops of summer — and listeners are responding. According to Soompi, the solo star's latest has already hit the No. 1 slot on all six major South Korean charts.

Now that's something to (happy) cry about.

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