Honey Boo Boo is going international, with the television show set to air in Australia, the Netherlands, Italy and Latin America. We can't wait to see how words like "y'all" translate into other languages, or how other countries will start to assume we all think spaghetti sauce is ketchup and butter.


In response to this development, the TLC show received the Tawainese animation treatment just like other tenants of pop culture -- including Tiger Woods' sex scandal, the existence of 'Jersey Shore' and the vehicular exploits of one Lindsay Lohan.

The latest insane video features Boo Boo, Mama June (who has the face of Jabba the Hutt here) and Uncle Poodle (in hot pants) dancing in money, traveling in a farting plane across the globe, and punishing foreign lands with their mere existence.

Actually, that sounds pretty accurate, minus Mama June sharing the face of an intergalactic gangster with a penchant for gold bikinis and Carrie Fisher.

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