Every so often, a few of my friends get together to play poker. Texas hold'em specifically. As you can see, this hand isn't very good. In lieu of cash, here are a few other things you can wager to still make it competitive but to not exhaust your lunch money for the week.

  • Candy

    Specifically, individually wrapped candy. Sure, you could use M&Ms like we used to when we were younger, but imagine all of those other hands on them, too. Germ city!

  • Coupons

    Yeah, why not. You get those coupons in the mail for buy one-get one free pizzas or free drink with the purchase of a cheeseburger. May not be a bad idea.

  • A 'Truth'

    You remember that 'Truth or Dare' game, where if you opt for telling a truthful statement as opposed to doing a dare? If you win, you can ask anyone a question. I suppose it would work for 'dares', too.

  • Simple Chores

    Favors are always nice. Doesn't have to be anything big, especially for a long game, but something like organizing a bookshelf might be handy.

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