When Robin Wright’s President Claire Underwood boldly declares that “the reign of the middle-aged white man is over!” who do you think she’s referring to? Does anyone come to mind? Anyone at all?

Incredible timing with real-world events aside, that’s about as close as you’ll get to this trailer for House of Cards’ sixth and final season on Netflix getting anywhere near addressing the elephant in the room that is Kevin Spacey, the show’s former star who was fired following allegations of sexual misconduct. With Spacey’s Frank Underwood gone — dead for sure, although the exact nature of his death hasn’t been revealed yet — Claire is free to be the President (and super evil). But there are new Washington DC power players out there, including characters played by Greg Kinnear and Diane Lane.

It feels like several lifetimes ago when House of Cards became Netflix’s first major foray into original programming. (Remember when David Fincher directed this show?) Just five years ago, Netflix was still mostly known as the company that sent people DVDs through the mail, having just started to expand (and basically invent) the notion of streaming services as pay cable channels. House of Cards was their breakthrough, thanks to high-power creative types like Fincher, big budgets, and big-name actors like Spacey and Wright. The early years of the show were just as good — looked just as good — as anything on television. And Netflix was off to the races. Even as the show limps to its conclusion, its place in history is assured.

The final season of House of Cards premieres on Netflix on November 2.

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