One of the enduring mysteries of Game of Thrones is what happened to Westeros’ dragons prior to the events of the series. Why did they die off? The new prequel series House of the Dragon is set in a time when the dragons are still very much alive, and very important to the fate of House Targaryen. As the show continues, it is going to follow the events of the so-called “Dance of the Dragons,” the war within House Targaryen for control of the kingdom.

As House of the Dragon has neared the end of its first season, it’s started to give us some huge clues about what happens to the dragons on this show, and why they are doomed to die off. In our latest HotD video, we look at the depiction of the dragons on the series so far, and examine all of the examples of magic from throughout House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones. See our theories about where the show (and those poor dragons) are headed below:

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