Yesterday evening, I went on a neighborhood walk with my five-year old daughter, Willow, while she rode her tricycle, and the cutest little puppy came out of nowhere and started following us around. He was so cute, happy, full of life, and it was obvious he just wanted somebody to play with. Willow said she was going to name him "Smilly". I told her that sounds too close to the word "Smelly", but she insisted on calling it Smilly.

I wish we could have taken "Smilly" home and adopted him as our own pet, but we don't have $400 lying around for an apartment pet deposit fee, so we had to let him go. My daughter was so upset with me that she twenty straight minutes when we got back home.

As I tucked Willow into bed, she looked at the wall and said the words "I hate you" to me, and as of 8AM this morning when she woke up, she wouldn't even look at me in the eyes. She says is still upset with me because I wouldn't let her keep the puppy. (SMH. She'll survive!)

Meanwhile, back to the puppy. I didn't know how to handle this sweet, innocent little stray. I was torn between calling someone to take him away or just let him keep running around the neighborhood, hoping that he will find some other place to go. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending (scroll down to the end of this blog)!

If you are not able to take home a stray pet, here are some great options:

  • Upload a picture or video of the animal in question to see if one of your friends or neighbors on Facebook wants to adopt it!
  • Call an animal rescue shelter, such as Wags To Riches or Yakima Valley Pet Rescue.
  • As a last resort, call the Animal Control. The city of Yakima uses the Humane Society services to collect stray animals in the neighborhood.

*PUPPY UPDATE* "Smilly" snuck under a gate and ran straight into the Lions Pool (guess he wanted to take a quick summer dip lol). According to one of my friends who was inside the pool at the time, she said one of the workers took him home until they can find the puppy a new family. Yay! Happy(ish) ending! Please contact the pool if you want to give him a home. (That's if they haven't already found him one by now. My story was shared on Facebook several times!).

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