Some people just don't have very good luck when it comes to love. Los Angeles-based pop artist iamBADDLUCK is one of them, but instead of lamenting her unfortunate romantic karma, she owns it.

The witchy singer-songwriter—whose stage name was born of a desire to find catharsis over her bad dating habits—may be hexed when it comes to her love life, but at least her misfortune makes for some seriously bewitching pop.

"There's nothing left here / Even though the sheets are laced with gold / I'm chasing heaven / But every time we touch my blood runs cold," iamBADDLUCK sings on her new single, "Nothing Compares," premiering exclusively on PopCrush.

Sweeping, melodic and just a pinch creepy, the heartbreaking electro-pop requiem chronicles the artist's aching desperation for a previous love that has since crumbled to dust, even as she enters into a lukewarm new relationship.

"I know it's never gonna be enough / I know I'm never gonna love him / The way he wants me to," iamBADDLUCK bemoans, before wailing hopelessly on the chorus: "Nothing compares to you."

"My music is a personal invitation for everyone to see the absolute s--- show that is my love life," the singer, who recently signed to iconic Cherrytree Management and has written for artists like Cher Lloyd, shares. "I was going through a breakup when I wrote this single. 'Nothing Compares' came from a moment in a past relationship where I wondered if I would ever love this person the way I did my first love.”

Listen below:

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