Ice Spice recently shared a clear example of why the Instagram algorithm might need some tinkering, after the app removed one of her posts for simply using her real name in the caption.

Last night (April 17), Ice Spice revealed to her 6.7 million Instagram followers that IG had pulled one of her posts for going against community guidelines. The particular guideline the Bronx, N.Y. rapper violated, according to the "Princess Diana" rapper's screenshot, was "violence and dangerous organizations." The post in question was a photo of Ice Spice. The caption is apparently what caught the attention of the app's overlords. It plainly reads, "Ayo Isis," with an eyes emoji.

Of course, Isis is Ice Spice's first name. It appears the Instagram algorithm thought Isis was a reference to the militant Islamist terrorist group in the Middle East. Oops.

Ice Spice is riding high after collaborating with Nicki Minaj on the new single "Princess Diana (Remix)," which dropped on April 14. The collab was released jointly with Nicki Minaj's newly formed Heavy on It record label. On Tuesday (April 18), Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj released the Princess Diana (Versions) EP, which includes seven different versions of the new remix. Ice Spice recently said she started her own lane in music and thinks other artists belong in her lane.

See the Post That Got Removed From Ice Spice's Instagram Account for Using Her Real Name Below

Ice Spice Instagram post removed.

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