A few people shared with me an article claiming how the world Health Organization may proclaim video game addiction as a real disorder. Seriously? If that's the case, then these are definitely addictions most of us suffer from.

  • Facebook Addiction

    Not so much being on it all the time, but the need to keep rechecking it.
  • Refrigerator Addiction

    Like the Facebook addiction, the act of opening your fridge every once in a while to see if anything changed.
  • Newspaper Addiction

    I knew someone that would read the newspaper, just about word for word, every single day of the week.
  • Going to the store without buying anything

    I'd see these people when I worked at retail every so often. They'd come in, grab a shopping cart, walk around, then leave.
  • Disagreeing for the sake of arguing

    Mostly on Facebook comments.
  • Flipping through Channels Addiction

    Can be for radio or tv. Can never decide on anything so they just keep changing.
  • Selfie Addiction

    Not just taking selfies, that's normal today. I'm talking about taking 100 selfies and keeping all of them.

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