So with the Toughest Monster Truck Tour rolling into Yakima on June 8th and 9th, the Mornin' #MaddHouse is posing the question, What would your monster truck be called? Coco decided she would have the "Pretty Monster Show" or "PMS" truck; I decided on the "Sugar High" truck; and Nahum Ray decided on "My Wife!" Now we all know why HE isn't married! Tell us what your truck would be called!

If you want to see all of these Big Bad Beasts crush cars, jump high into the sky, and rev their engines like never before, get tickets here! Or you can tune into all of the daily shows on 107.3Kffm to win yours! You can also get to Bob Hall's Auto Mall in Yakima for your FREE Pit Party Pass before the show! The Pre Party kicks off at 5:30 Pm in the pits, with all of the exciting action starting at 7:30pm! Dont Miss It! I know I won't!

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