The long-awaited Incredibles 2 is out in movie theaters this weekend!

It has been SIXTEEN years since the first movie! That's right, the first Incredibles movie was released in 2004.

I don't remember if I saw the movie on a dvd or if it was actually at the theater, but I do remember that I loved it!

For some reason, I thought Patrick Warburton was the "Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible", but it is voiced by none other than Craig T. Nelson (who attended Yakima Valley Community College)!

My favorite character is Edna and my daughter Willow's favorite character is Jack the Baby. When I asked her why the baby is her favorite, she said it's because he gets super powers in Incredibles 2 and has laser eyes, can go through wall, and when he gets really mad, he turns into a demon baby to defeat Incrediboy.

Normally, I am more excited for cartoon movies than she is (for instance, I was more excited to see Coco The Movie than she was). When it comes to Incredibles 2, however, Willow is EXTREMELY excited.

We're going to watch the movie on Sunday. In the past, I have searched around for websites that give me the scoop about any extra scenes after the movie credits. If you want to know if there are any extra movie scenes at the end of Incredibles 2, then click here!

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