If you've driven by the corner of 24th and Nob Hill, no doubt you saw a big truck with a tent advertising 20 ribeye steaks for 25 bucks. It sounds too good to be true! So, what's the catch? I bought some just to find out for myself.

The catch is there is no catch. They were just fine!

I inquired about them. They were about the size I figured they would be. Medium-sized and round. Perfect for chicken-fried steak or just making steak and eggs for breakfast. And a great deal to boot!

Once you're there, they also have other packs of frozen steaks, chicken and pork to choose from. They even had a seafood case that had whole shrimp, lobster tails and more. I came for the steak, but I also bought the seafood.

So if you've been iffy about this deal, I've tried it and I'm alive to talk about it. Nothing wrong and nothing unsafe from what I had. Everything seemed to be packaged and flash-frozen straight from the source, from what I can tell. I'm not sure and, at this point, I don't care. The food was great and I plan on getting more while they're still in town.

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