I’ve often wondered why North America doesn’t have high-speed trains like they do in other developed continents, like Europe and Asia. You may recall back in 2023, U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, toured parts of America touting the administration’s new plan to create new train services for rural areas as well as support new high-speed routes. Buttigieg mentioned that over 8 billion dollars was being allocated to spur on these efforts.

When the list of potential rural cities likely to get new train service was released in the earlier parts of 2023, I was dismayed to not see Yakima on that list. I mean, come on, it really should be!

Is a New Train Service Coming To Yakima? 5 Things To Know
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Yakima is located in the central part of Washington state after all, and it used to be a hub for train service carrying passengers to parts of the midwest and onward to Seattle. This was when the North Coast Hiawatha train line was in service. (It ended in 1979.)

According to new reports from several credible sources, Yakima is now in the running for potentially getting a new train service after all! 🚂

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Waiting for Train Service to Come Back to Yakima


Here are 5 things to know about this exciting news:


1 . There has been talk to re-activate the North Coast Hiawatha train line, and Yakima is along the path of stops.


2 . The passenger train service would be run by Amtrak. Source: The Urbanist

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We don't want to get our hopes up, but this is the proposed new Amtrak passenger train route that includes service to YAKIMA, WA:

Proposed North Coast Hiawatha Line With Service Including Yakima WA
Proposed North Coast Hiawatha Line 2024 TSM/Reesha Cosby via Canva


3 . An in-depth view of the proposal can be found via the United States Federal Railroad Administration.


4 . The estimated travel time from Seattle to Chicago would be a little under 50 hours. Source: The Urbanist


5 . The next steps in the proposal include studying routes, travel costs for Amtrak, travel costs per passenger, securing and/or renovating train cars, and other important details.


Public comment on all of the proposals is encouraged; a comment form is at the bottom of the front page of the study website. Comments must be received by March 8. - Trains.com



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