• Religious Freedom Was The Driving Force In The Founding Of America
  • Religion Is Proven To Be A Key Component In Human Happiness
  • Important West Coast Cities Rank Among America's Least Religious

WHY it matters:  Pew Research Polls and other studies show a well-documented connection between being actively involved in faith-based activities and greater levels of personal happiness. So, what's up with these cities, other than the fact that nine out of ten are run by Democrats? (The one that isn't - Sin City - Las Vegas!) Go figure.

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Political Affiliation And Happiness

The 2022 American Family Survey, found

Liberals, especially liberal women, are significantly less likely to be happy with their lives and satisfied with their “mental health,” compared to their conservative peers aged 18-55...liberals are about 15 percentage points less likely to be “completely satisfied” with their lives.


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Why California Matters To Washington

Many of the ideas and political policies that develop in less-than-happy California often trend north to Oregon and Washington. San Francisco and San Jose, two cities ironically named for Catholic Saints, are also on the list of least religious cities. Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Riverside are also among the 30 least religious cities. That's 20% of the Top 30 total for California. Remember - more religion means more happiness. More conservative values also means more happiness.

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Seattle Tops The List of Least Religious Cities

Faith-based practices are fundamental components of American society, with 65% reporting an attachment to at least one of the major global religions. 60% of Americans follow Christianity. Certainly religions and houses of worship are present in all these cities but they still pencil out as America's Least Religious. Four of the top eight on the West Coast including the liberal, anxious, deteriorating city of Seattle.

  1. Seattle, WA
  2. Portland, OR
  3. San Jose, CA
  4. Las Vegas, NV
  5. Denver, CO
  6. Albany, NY
  7. Austin, TX
  8. San Francisco, CA
  9. Albuquerque, NM
  10. Rochester, NY
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Don't Care About Happiness? How About Living Longer? 

A study in the JAMA Internal Medicine found that women who went to any kind of religious service more than once a week had a 33% lower chance of dying during the 16-year study follow-up period. 

Another study, published last year in PLOS One, found that regular service attendees were 55% less likely to die during the up to 18-year follow-up period than people who didn’t frequent the temple, church, or mosque.

Celebrities Who Found Religion

The glitz and glam of fame may appear to be the good life. However, dealing with the trials and tribulations of life all while in the spotlight for the world to see can be a heavy weight to bear. While this is an obstacle all celebrities face, many of our favorite actors, singers and other celebrities have turned to religion to help cope with the pressure of celebrity and find their inner faith.

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