It sickens me that we humans keep ruining a good thing, everywhere we go! Greed and selfishness rules the land. It makes me want to scream, “Don’t move here. WE’RE CLOSED.” UGH! I just saw a report that said thousands of people are moving to Sacramento. They are adjusting their “California dreams” because the cost of living in places like San Francisco and Los Angeles is so dang high. I’ll step off my soapbox in just a bit, and then I’ll find some positives to the increase of people moving from big cities into the smaller ones.

Migrating to Sacramento: Uncovering Motivations

6 Reasons Why the New California Dream Is Moving to Sacramento
Sacramento City View Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

I live in a small town in Washington that has seen an influx of residents moving here from the bigger cities, like Seattle and Tacoma. All of these people leaving their major cities to establish a new home in a smaller town are bringing their big city problems with them. Thousands of new residents, for instance, means here comes the traffic jams in places where there used to be none. Our low-cost, affordable housing has become a thing of the past, with landlords realizing they can start charging whatever they want because their properties are now in demand.

What is Sacramento known for?

6 Reasons Why the New California Dream Is Moving to Sacramento
Tower Bridge in Sacramento CA Craig Pattenaude on Unsplash

I will look at some of the other reasons people are making the big jump to live in Sacramento besides the obvious things it’s known for, like the SACRAMENTO KINGS, a lower cost of living, affordable housing, good schools, being central location to other big California cities, and being a better place to raise a family. What else is motivating people to migrate to Sacramento?

6 Reasons Why the New California Dream Is Moving to Sacramento

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