On New Year's Eve, as the Seattle Seahawks marched confidently onto Lumen Field in Seattle, with just two games left in the regular season, their playoff destiny was entirely within their control. Simply win and get in.

As they slogged off the field following that week 17 loss to the measly Pittsburgh Steelers, they had not only lost the game but had also lost control of their fate. Now, they'll need a week 18 MUST-WIN and a little help from an unreliable source: Da Bears.

Cleveland Browns v Seattle Seahawks
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The Seattle Seahawks will make the playoffs IF:

  1. The Seahawks win and Green Bay loses or ties vs the Chicago Bears.
  2. The Seahawks tie and Green Bay loses and Tampa Bay loses or ties.
  3. The Seahawks tie and Green Bay loses and New Orleans loses or ties.

Since tie games are quite improbable in the NFL, the most viable scenario is for Seattle to take care of business against the Arizona Cardinals in AZ, and hope that somehow the not-so-impressive Chicago Bears can beat their slightly more impressive NFC Central rival Green Bay Packers at home in Lambeau Field.

If the prospect of needing the Bears to beat the Packers makes you nervous, me too, but keep in mind, the Bears have won 4 of their last 5 games, but also remember that the Arizona Cardinals just beat the Philadelphia Eagles, and have nothing to lose, and would love to play spoiler for their much-hated rival Seattle Seahawks.

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers
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Where to Watch and Listen to Seattle Seahawks vs Arizona Cardinals

Listen to all the action on Newstalk 1280 & 101.3 KIT in Yakima.

Pregame at 11 am. Kickoff at 1:25 pm. Televised on Fox TV.

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