Police have identified the 22-year-old victim

Yakima Police Department officials say the 22-year-old victim, identified as Daniel Ortega of Yakima, was shot after a man in the dog park reportedly began acting aggressively toward an unidentified man, his son, and other people at the dog park as well.

After interrogation with YPD detectives, the man who discharged the firearm in this incident was released. A police press release reports that once their shooting investigation is complete, the case will be officially turned over to the Yakima County Prosecutor’s Office in order for them to make a formal decision about whether or not to press charges against the shooter.



A shooting at Randall Dog Park (1401 S 48th Ave) in Yakima on Sunday, February 5th, has left one man dead. Yakima Police officers as well at Washington State Patrol Troopers responded to the park on South 48th Avenue at about 2:36 p.m. on Sunday after a shooting report.

Authorities say a man and his son were at Randall Dog Park when another man in the park began acting aggressively toward them. Police say when the victim and his son attempted to leave the park, "the child’s father gave the erratic subject some verbal commands to leave his family alone." After attempts to verbally de-escalate the incident failed, the child’s father, a 28-year-old Yakima man, discharged his legally-owned firearm in self-defense.


Yakima Police say a man and his son felt threatened at the park

Authorities say one man and his son were at the park and another man began acting aggressively toward them. The victim was shot after not only yelling and being aggressive toward the man and his son, but reportedly at other people at the park.

Police say the victim died at the park

The victim has only been identified as a man and no name has been released. He died at the scene. No other injuries were reported. The investigation continues. Randall Park remained open during the investigation.

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