Washington State's favorite Thanksgiving Dish is the Turkey... Most Popular Dish on Thanksgiving in WA is What?! I know because I wrote an article about it. So, it begs the question, do Washington residents love naps? What causes our Thanksgiving naps? Tryptophan? is it the Pie?! Please tell me it's not the copious amounts of whipped cream I put on my pumpkin pie to drown out the pumpkin pie flavor...


What even is, "Tryptophan?"

Tryptophan 1. is an Amino Acid and 2. is super important for babies and their development/growth. plus, it helps maintain the proteins in our bodies as well as neurotransmitters, muscles and enzymes. Our body does not produce the tryptophan, we must receive it through our diets. - Source

What does it do to our bodies?

Tryptophan is helped in the making of Melatonin and Serotonin in our bodies, melatonin helping with our sleeping and serotonin is there to help with our appetite, mood, even pains. (Source)

Why do we need Tryptophan?

This is pretty interesting actually, Tryptophan helps with mood, depression, learning, memory skills, aggression control and even visual cognition. (Source)



So, is it Tryptophan that makes us sleepy on Thanksgiving?

According to Darren Scott, food scientist at the Oklahoma State University Robert M. Kerr Food and Agricultural Products Center.

“The more likely culprit of drowsiness is basic science,” Scott said. “Thanksgiving menus often contain a copious number of foods high in sugars and carbohydrates.” (Source)

In other words, it may just be everything you are eating and all the serving you are having in one meal.


Happy Napping, I mean Thanksgiving :)

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